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Can you imagine a football player lowering his head at a corner out of fear of having his glasses broken by the ball? Or a football player looking for his glasses in the centre of the pitch in mid-counter attack? Many athletes use contact lenses in order to have a proper vision of the field of play.

So why don't you? For this reason, we give you different reasons to wear contact lenses for doing sports.

- Proper sight is essential in sports. If you have sight defects such as short-, long-sightedness or astigmatism, and you take your glasses off to do sports, how will you be able to pass the ball to a team mate without mistaking him or her for the referee? Furthermore, contact lenses give you a better peripheral vision.
- By using contact lenses, you avoid getting your glasses broken if you take some kind of knock or get hit by the ball.
- In outdoor sports in which there is no physical contact but which take place under exposure to weather conditions that may cause risks to visual health, such as skiing, high-mountain sports, golf, etc., then it is advisable to combine contact lenses with duly-approved sunglasses.

In this way, besides enjoying perfect eyesight, you will shield your eyes from direct sunlight, thus protecting the eye surface and reducing the risk of eye diseases.The choice of sunglasses will depend on the characteristics of your sport.


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