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For children
Vision Therapy
How do we work
Vision therapy is an optometric treatment for patients of all ages, totally individualized in which the aim is to enhance or correct all visual, sensory integration and visuomotor skills, as well as learning problems related to vision, etc. and the aim is to achieve a visual system that is as effective as possible.

The optometrist, after carrying out a complete optometric examination prepares a personalized exercise program to work on repeatedly improving and incrementing visual skills.

Vision therapy is effective if the necessary time is devoted to it in a constant and repetitive way. Once a week, the therapy is carried out together with the optometrist in the examination room for around 45 minutes, where the proposed exercises are done and the progress of the treatment is assessed. You will also have to work at home every day for at least 20-25 minutes on the homework prepared by the optometrist.

The duration of the treatment will vary depending on the progress of each patient.
What is the perfect age to start
wearing sunglasses?
It is very important to wear sunglasses from an early age, as the eye is still in a maturing phase.

Children have larger pupils than adults, so they receive more light.

In the first year of life, the crystalline lens allows 90% of UV radiation and 50% of UV-B light to pass through, which reaches the retina. This can cause short and long term damage. This radiation between the ages of 12-13 is between 60% and 25% respectively.

Without adequate protection, 80% of the UV radiation accumulated in the eye occurs before the age of 18.

We have to make sure that the sunglasses comply with the current regulations which imply a minimum absorption of 99% of ultraviolet light to up to 400 nm. Sunglasses are essential after cataract or retina surgery.

At Salas we know that children change prescription frequently and it is important that they wear the prescription that they need. That is the reason why, if during the nine months after having the single vision glasses made, the prescription changes, we will change the lenses free of charge.
*Exclusive for children under 12. Check conditions at your optician.

We like that children love to jump, run, play... This is why, and always looking after the visual health of the little ones, we give you a second pair of glasses in case the ones they normally wear break.
*Promotion subject to a specific range of glasses. Check conditions at your optician.