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Type of prescription lenses
According to their focus.
Single vision lenses
Lenses with a single prescription.
Traditional lenses
Standard lenses with Salas' quality criteria.

Digital lenses
Made with Free Form technology, cut point to point, which provides a perfect image resolution and optimum visual performance under the strictest Salas' quality criteria.
Recommended for all types of ametropias.

Relax lenses
Lenses designed to relax vision in a digital environment.
They help to focus more easily in front of electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets and PCs).
They improve visual performance, reducing eyestrain, headache, burning eyes and visual stress.
Recommended for people who use digital screens for more than two hours a day, and/or who present some of the previously described symptom.
Progressive lenses
Progressive lenses allow us to see at different distances with comfort, without having to constantly put on and take off our glasses.
The lower part of the lens is used for close distances, the middle part for intermediate distances and the upper part for far distances.

Traditional lenses
They are made in the traditional and standard way according to Salas' quality criteria.

Digital lenses
Made with Free Form technology. They take into account more parameters than the traditional ones.
More precise calculations are made that allow us to define more concrete and exact visual areas, which will provide more comfort and adaptability to the user.

We are progressive lens experts that is why we focus on ensuring you a good adaptation.
Occupational lenses
It is a lens with a nearsighted prescription and a certain amount of regression that allows us to see correctly even at a slightly further distance.

Ideal for working at intermediate and close distances, on your computer, for instance, as it allows you to alternate between these two distances without reducing your field of vision.

This allows us to have a better posture and avoid muscle pain and other symptoms such as eyestrain and ocular tension.

A passion for your look,
we want you to feel comfortable with your glasses, not only when you come to see us but every day you wear them.