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Type of contact lenses
Type of contact lenses
1/2 According to their material
Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lenses. They adapt to the most special cases such as keratoconus, very high astigmatisms, former users, etc. We consider them to be annual replacement contact lenses.
Hydrogel contact lenses, generally known as soft contact lenses. These lenses are frequently replaced, as they are changed on a daily basis and in a short period of time. They exist and are marketed in different geometries: spherical, toric, multifocal... They offer safety and comfort.

Although annual replacement soft contact lenses are still marketed, they are falling into disuse, as the performance of more frequent replacement lenses is very satisfactory and by changing them more often we are protecting our eyes much more.

2/2 According to their replacement
Daily, for single use only. They are worn for a few hours a day. They are used sporadically. They are usually worn occasionally due to the security offered by this use, but they can be worn on a daily basis.
Monthly, most users' choice.. They offer much more security and protection by minimising the risk of infection from poor preservation.
Annual. Annual contact lenses are increasingly falling into disuse in favour of the monthly lenses we have already mentioned.
Ask us which is the best option for you and we will advise you!

What is important to decide?
Knowing the patient's intended use of them, how often they will use them and their physiological and ocular characteristics.
If you want to try any type of contact lenses, a thorough study must be carried out, in which we evaluate, apart from the physiological characteristics, the visual defect to be corrected and the predisposition or intention of use of the new user. This is how we will be able to advise you properly and make the adaptation in a safe way.