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Type of sunglasses Salas quality
Standard sun lenses and filters
Sun lenses are classified from 0 to 4 depending on the light absorption of the glass. A darker filter does not always mean better protection. Protection does not depend on the amount of darkness of the filter, but on the filter's ability to neutralise and absorb radiation. Thus, a clearer lens may protect a lot and a darker one may not protect at all.

The sun filters must be different depending on the activity to be carried out and this factor has to be taken into account when choosing your sunglasses.
Polarized lenses
Polarized lenses have the physical trait of absorbing the light that the lens receives in a specific direction, what we call a reflection or glare. Avoiding these reflections on the surfaces we highly improve the quality of the image.

They are ideal for all types of water sports on bright days. Also for hunting and fishing and especially for driving, as the lenses provide a vision without reflections, with greater sharpness and contrast. They also provide a more natural view of colours for greater visual comfort.

This polarized filter can also be included in prescription lenses, both in the single vision and progressive lenses.
Mirrored lenses
This is a treatment that is applied to the lens and which causes part of the visible light to be reflected and not pass through, significantly reducing the amount of light that enters.

We recommend using these type of sunglasses at the brightest times, such as in summer, at the beach or in the mountains.

Most of the sunglasses in our stores can have prescription lenses. If you wear prescription glasses but you don't have prescription sunglasses, we encourage you to do so, as it will significantly increase your visual comfort.
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