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Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation
1/2 Personalised visit
A first visit where we will carry out a complete and free audiological examination, so that we can identify if there is a possible hearing loss, and if so, assess what would be the most appropriate solution for you.

2/2 The tests we perform
We begin the visit with an initial patient-audiologist contact with a brief conversation to get to know the user's clinical history and thus be able to offer individualised attention.

This type of test lasts 60 minutes.

It allows us to visualise the state of the outer ear through a magnified screen. We can check the tympanic health and the state of the ear canal to see if there are ear plugs or other alterations that prevent the use of hearing aids.
We measure the resistance of the eardrum and the conducting ossicles in the passage of sound, therefore, the health of the middle ear.
We measure the threshold of hearing through the emission of different sound frequencies. If you need hearing aids, this is the test that will allow us to determine the necessary power of the devices.
This is used to determine the user's degree of hearing by means of vibration close to the mastoid bone, located behind the ears. In this test, we stimulate the inner ear to check bone conduction.
We measure the ability to perceive spoken language, the intelligibility.
We assess the loudness level at which the patient hears most comfortably. We evaluate the maximum volume level that the person can withstand so that, if hearing aids are needed, they can never exceed it.