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When will you receive the new collection?

During the whole year new models arrive to SALAS. The 90% of models are renewed every four months. SALAS offers a large variety of the newest models and trends. You will find 100% up-to-the-minute sunglasses.


Do you have a sunglasses catalogue?

SALAS has available catalogues from several collections, including sunglasses and prescription glasses.


Are all sunglasses on sale UV proof?

Sunglasses without the proper solar protection can be harmful. This is why all sunglasses available in SALAS include the proper filters to warranty the visual protection.


What are polarized lenses?

Lenses of polarized sunglasses prevent the dazzle when the sun is reflected on the asphalt, the snow or the sea. Polarized lenses prevent from the reflected light on surfaces and colours can be seen more intensely. With polarized lenses you will be protected from UV and you will get a more comfortable seeing. They are highly recommended for driving, skiing and practicing sports.


What is the UV filter?

It is a treatment for lenses that acts like a barrier that reflects the ultraviolet light from the sun. By this way, they don't reach the eyes.


Are different sizes of frames available?

Some manufacturers have available different sizes, but the majority of them only manufacture a unique standard size for each model.


Can I return the sunglasses?

SALAS ensures your total satisfaction when buying your sunglasses. If you are not totally satisfied with your sunglasses, you can change them or we refund you the total amount (according to the deadline).


Is it possible to buy prescription sunglasses?

Yes, it is. Much of our stock is RX-able.


Are sunglasses suitable for children?

Yes, they are. Children and adults' eyes have to be protected as the skin.


Is the sunlight harmful for eyes?

The sun endangers the eyes. It is necessary to protect us from the ultraviolet radiations with sunglasses with proper lenses. It is necessary to avoid intense and extended exposures to ultraviolet radiations because they may cause strong ocular disorders.


Are all kind of sunglasses suitable?

Sunglasses are fashion accessories, but first of all they have to protect the eyes. The choice has to be made on the needs of every person, his style of life, his sensitivity to the light, among other factors. This is why it is recommended to buy them in optician's, under the supervision of a specialist, and not in streets, supermarkets or non-specialized shops. The highest risk when you buy sunglasses is that they do not filter properly the UV and that at the same time, they cause a dilation of the retina (because they also filter a part of the light) and this is when they can harm the eyes. For SALAS, the style, the design, the elegancy are linked to the optical quality of the lenses and to the guarantee of total protection of the UV, which they can only be guaranteed by optician's.