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News, good news:

SalasAudio, the Salas audiology brand

It is a brand under the Salas umbrella, like SalasKids or SalasCollection, with which we want to relate all our values as audiology professionals:

Honest audiology

We always offer you the most accurate hearing solution and the one that will be the best for you. Ask us, we will be transparent.

5 year guarantee

Hearing aids with the Salas seal of quality. 5 years of peace of mind and security.

State-of-the-art hearing aids

We adapt hearing aids that incorporate the latest advances in the field of audiology. You will forget you are wearing hearing aids.

Professionals committed to your hearing wellbeing

Audiologists who will accompany you throughout the entire process of fitting your hearing aids. In other words, we offer you peace of mind.

Have you already requested your free check-up? Call us!